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TiUnite – implant surface matters

Statistically powered results confirm survival superiority and bone maintenance equivalence of TiUnite implants.

/ November 30, 2016

Multi-unit Abutment: key to the All-on-4® treatment concept

It’s now fifteen years since we began producing our Multi-unit Abutment – a first for the industry at the time. Since then, this product has...

/ March 16, 2016
creos xenoprotect

First class handling – Just one benefit of creos xenoprotect

After introducing the creos xenoprotect resorbable collagen membrane into his practice, Dr. Antoun was kind enough to share his experiences.

/ February 16, 2016

Just four implants, but countless benefits

All-on-4® treatment concept − The scientifically proven solution for edentulous and soon-to-be-edentulous patients.

/ October 5, 2015

How virtual dental implant surgery became a reality

How the first virtual reality dental implant surgery was filmed

/ September 9, 2015
All-on-4 NobelParallel

How the All-on-4® revolution began

How the All-on-4 treatment concept came to be developed by Dr. Paulo Malo and Nobel Biocare.

/ July 17, 2015

NobelParallel Conical Connection – the straightforward implant

The new dental implant, NobelParallel Conical Connection, brings the best of Nobel Biocare’s extensive design experience to clinicians and patients.

/ March 30, 2015

Opening the eyes of the patient

Dr. Luc Vrielinck explains how he uses the NobelClinician Communicator app to increase patient treatment acceptance.

/ February 25, 2015